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Bio-Fiber Hair Transplant Facts and Effectiveness

April 21, 2017

Biofibre hair implant technique is mainly to help the people experiencing baldness and alopecia related problems. It is a minor surgical process that makes use of artificial hair that is compatible with your body. This surgical method helps you in regaining back your natural looks as the artificial hair looks completely natural.

Safety and Efficacy of Biofiber Hair Implant

Safety and efficacy of biofibre hair implant need to be ensured by:

  • Making use of a safe raw material for the production of biofiber hair that is biocompatible and focused for medical use.
  • The use of an extractable root that will allow a completely reversible implant in case required.
  • The instrument that ensures a correct implant procedure and a long-lasting aesthetic result should be used.
  • By consulting the best hair transplant surgeon for biofiber hair transplant.
  • By using a suitable application for biofiber hair transplant.

How Biofiber Hair Implant Technique works?

Biofiber hairs are selected as per the length and colour of your hair. In the initial stages, a few numbers of fibers are implanted in the bald area to detect any reaction or hair transplant side effects. Your surgeon will observe for a week and once no side effects are observed

April 14, 2017

Biofibre hair implant is a new and unique hair restoration treatment used to treat baldness in both men and women. In absence of sufficient donor hair on your scalp, biofibre hair implant can be used as it gives instant results in one sitting. Biofibre hair transplant technique is suitable for any age group and even for people experiencing complete baldness. This treatment can be considered as the best solution for patients dealing with alopecia.  Prime Hair Studio is the best clinic for a hair transplant in Mumbai.

Why use BioFibre Implants for Hair Restoration

The following reasons justify the use of biofibre hair implants for hair restoration:

  • Biofibre hair material is approved by CE and FDA for medical use
  • The inert material that biofibre hair is made up of is not harmful to the human body and thus produces a keratin plug which inhibits the microbial agents from penetrating in the layers.
  • Biofibre hair is biocompatible and is well accepted by your skin tissues
  • The biofibre hairs are resistant to flexing and tensile stress. It does not break and have a long lasting aesthetic effect.
  • Biofibre hair generally has a special reversible knot that ensures an excellent strength of t

April 14, 2017

Personality matters a lot to people these days in today’s scenario. Everyone wants to look perfect at any age because a perfect aesthetic appearance leaves a long lasting impression on people.  A perfect physique is not enough to leave an impression on the person’s mind. You need to have a healthy hair to add to your bold look that will boost your confidence and self-esteem. Hair loss is no longer a problem for only old age people, because, even the youngsters are facing the same problem. There are different factors that are responsible for hair loss such as stress and genetic reasons. Lack of facial hair and baldness also affects your manly look and restrict you from becoming a style icon among your peers but nowadays there are various hair loss treatments for men. Hair loss or baldness can affect our personal and professional life. In the case of marriage and to get a good job that requires a good aesthetic appearance, hair loss can be the major problem. In few cases, it hampers the self-confidence of an individual to a maximum extent that they start isolating themselves and may suffer from depression.

Modern Era and Hair Loss

In the modern era, you don’t need to worry about the hair loss as we are blessed with hair transplant treatment and beard transplants treatment. It is easy

March 21, 2017

After a successful hair transplant surgery, you will be probably thinking about the post hair transplant tips. You may feel on the top of the world after your friends or loved ones notice your new fully grown hair on your scalp. Excited right?  To make this happen you need to take special care of your hair after the hair transplantation.

Helpful Tips after Hair Transplant

Here are the Top 5 must follow tips after post hair transplant

Give attention to your scalp

Post hair loss treatment or surgery you may feel numbness and soreness in the areas of insertion. But taking the right care can reduce the symptoms. Keep your scalp clean and dry especially on the first day for a speedy skin healing. Avoid direct sunlight after the surgery, if you are going out during the day time wear a hat. Post surgery the scalp will be itchy, but touching the scalp is a big NO. Touching your newly grafted hair may result in the graft falling.

Scar Care

Just like any other surgery there will be some sort of itching, scaring and uneasiness after the surgery. To reduce the scalp irritation, scaring or any swellings apply antibiotic tropical cream which has been prescribed by

July 12, 2016

The success of hair transplant is heavily dependent on the skills and experience of the hair transplant surgeon. Bollywood, combined with fashion and advertising industry creates a huge demand for treatments like hair transplant in Mumbai. This segment cannot compromise on the results and hence Mumbai has produced a lot of good hair transplant surgeons, Dr Sulochana Khogare is one such surgeon doing hair transplant in Mumbai. Mumbai also receives a lot of medical tourism patients from other countries for getting the hair transplant in India. The cost of hair transplant in India is much lesser than in US / UK / Canada / Saudi Arab / United Arab Emirates / Dubai / Bahrain / London / Thailand / Australia / New Zealand / Singapore etc. Patients traveling from these countries save anything between 30% – 60% on the total cost. The cost of hair transplant in India is cheaper by 30-60% even after consider the flight tickets, accommodation in Mumbai and local travel. Virender Sehwag Hair Transplant – Was it a failure?

July 12, 2016

Hair transplant has become most common cosmetic surgery nowadays, gone are the days when people use to compromise with their looks and say it doesn’t matter to them. Well now it does matter to people how they look. Hair is the most important part of their looks. People who suffer from hair loss and baldness feel less confident about themselves. It causes stress and psychological problems. They feel uncomfortable about the baldness. And if you are a celebrity it’s not easy to compromise with your looks as celebrities are constantly under spot light. Here we are not talking about only film stars or TV actors but even the cricketers and business tycoons. The promising player of team India Virender Sehwag, is known to hit 300 twice in test matches. He has brought team India to a new benchmark. He is also known because of his baldness and the hair transplant treatment in Mumbai. In fact lot of our patients ask us about Virender Sehwag Hair Transplant. Sehwag had lost almost all of his hair. He has undergone

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July 12, 2016

Hair transplant cost in Mumbai is comparable to other cities in India. The latest development in technology and the skills have made hair transplant a very successful mode of treatment. The quality and results produced in Mumbai are as per the international standards. Regular upgradation in the skills of the doctors through lectures, seminars and workshops adds to the success of hair transplant. Experienced doctors will always know how to maintain the balance between the availability and requirement of the grafts. Hair Transplant cost in Mumbai depends on number of grafts or roots required for covering the area of baldness. The required number of grafts depends on many things like area of baldness, technique of hair transplant used, size of the head, availability of donor area, desired density etc. Even if you are considering for artificial hair transplant in Mumbai the cost is very affordable. Most of the

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July 12, 2016

Best Hair Transplant Clinic selection can be a daunting task. So we have put together these tips on How to Choose best hair transplant clinic, so that you may choose wisely.

There are lot of technological advancements in the field of hair transplant and hair restoration, in case of men majorly facial hair transplants are also done and Prime Hair Studio provides best results for beard transplant in Mumbai. Any person facing the hair loss or baldness issues can get their natural hair back with the help of BEST hair transplant clinic in Mumbai. But how to choose hair transplant clinic? Are they as good as they claim? There are many Hair Transplant Clinics that claim to be the best, but to select the absolutely best hair transplant clinic, you have to keep these following points in your mind: Here are the factors that one should always keep in mind while selecting the best hair transplant clinic:

Experience in FUE/FUT

The hair transplant clinic should have at least 4 years of experience in FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)/FUT (F

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July 12, 2016

First thing that comes to the mind of a person who is troubled from his/her baldness or hair loss clinic is the cost of the hair transplant surgery.

The highly economical Hair Transplant Cost in India is one of the major factors that makes India the best destination for Hair Transplant Medical Tourism.

It is not a secret that hair transplant in Mumbai  is not a cheap surgery and the reason behind its high cost is the diligence and experience of the surgeons (of a reputed hair transplant clinic). Especially, the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method is more expensive than the conventional strip method (the one that requires stitches). FUE is a virtually painless method and the success rates of this procedure along with its benefits make it the first choice of people who want to get their hair back at any cost. You can even consider artificial hair transplant in Mumbai for your baldness.. Due to the extremely high cost of the Why India is the best destination for Hair transplant!

July 12, 2016

India is a much-loved destination for tourists from all parts of the world for numerous reasons and one of the most prominent reasons out of those is affection, hospitality and outstanding medical facilities available here. Medical tourists across the world rate India as the best medical tourism destination for a various reasons, such as top-class doctors/surgeons, good hospitality and budgeted hotels and above all, pocket friendly treatments/surgeries. Amongst all the wide array of medical treatments foreigners seek in India, Hair Transplant is the most popular one, people even seek for beard transplant in Mumbai. The reason behind it is the shocking price difference between the treatments in India other parts of the world, including Europe and the United States. Suppose, if a particular hair transplant costs $10,000 in the U.S.A, its cost in India would be less than