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Are You a Candidate for Hair Transplant?


What is Hair transplant? Hair Transplant is the solution to baldness. It helps in regaining lost hair. It covers baldness and regains confidence. However, it is essential to make sure that Hair Transplant is the right hair loss solution for you.

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Here are some important factors in determining if hair transplant is right for you:


It’s important for us that all our clients understand what is hair transplant. They understand what to expect from the hair transplant procedure. Hair transplant in mumbai can help our patients look and feel like themselves again.


It is important that a patients’ expectations match the projected results of a procedure. Results are dictated by availability of roots at the back of your head. It is also dictated by the area of baldness. If a patient has a large amount of bald area and less roots at the back of head, then these hair may not be able to cover the entire area.


This could lead to low hair density in the transplanted area. If the availability of donor hairs is extremely limited, body hair transplant can be used. In body hair transplant, hair from parts of body other than scalp are extracted and then implanted on the bald area. Once you understand what is hair transplant, Our doctors will help you understand the appropriate solution for your individual pattern of baldness and hair loss treatment .



Donor Hair and Hair Loss

You will probably be a great candidate for hair transplant if you have a healthy donor area. Healthy donor area is characterized by plenty of hair at the back and sides of the head. This hair can be transplanted into thinning and bald areas on the scalp. Patients with more advanced hair loss often do not have enough donor hair to fill in bald areas. This leads to difficulties in effectively filling large areas with transplanted hair.


Even if you do not have plenty of hair in the back and side of the head, body hair transplant can be useful. In body hair loss transplant (BHT), roots are taken out from your body. They are then implanted on the bald area. This might be a best solution cover large bald areas in case of limited availability of donor hair on the back and side of your head. Even if the growth rate and texture of such body hair is different from hair on your head, results are usually good.


Age of the patient can also be a major factor. If you are still in your early 20s, it’s likely that you will lose a lot more hair in future. If you receive hair transplants too early, it will require follow-up transplants. Taking too much hair from donor sites is not advisable. We can help such patients in preventing further hair loss with medicines.

Reason for Hair Loss affects the decision of Hair Transplant

Men and women with thinning hair are often great candidates for hair transplants. It is very effective to fill thinned areas with donor hair. If you have lost hair due to other scalp conditions, hair transplants might not be an effective tool for restoring your hair. Progressive conditions often cannot be reversed with transplants. in such conditions underlying condition needs to be treated first.

Trust and Commitment

Your consultation with our expert surgeons at Prime Hair Studio  will help you understand what is best hair transplant option for you. Have hair transplant in Mumbai best doctors help you understand the best possible results that you can get after the transplant. They would look at your hair loss condition, explain you the treatment.


They will clarify your questions and help you decide the best possible treatment option. Being a surgical procedure, it’s extremely important for you to get all your doubts clarified. Trust your doctor and follow instructions for having a successful hair transplant.

Choosing hair transplant as your hair loss solution is making a commitment to a surgical procedure. Some of the most common side effects of this procedure include tender scalp for 3 to 4 days. You need to wear surgical dressing on your scalp for few days.

Despite these inconveniences, hair transplant is one of the most popular and only effective treatment for baldness. Because hair transplant help you regrow your own hair , it provides natural hair. This transplanted hair can be styled or shaved like natural hair. You do not require monthly, long-term follow up and maintenance.