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Graft Estimator

Graft Calculator for Hair Transplant

Prime Hair Studio the hair transplant clinic in Mumbai has created a graft calculator to help you identify the approximate number of grafts or hair required for you.


This calculator will allow you to gain a rough idea of the amount of grafts and hairs that will be needed for the procedure.


Please note that the required number of grafts may vary slightly depending on the size of the head, shape of the head and the desired density by the patient. We have enlisted the Norwoods classes for the baldness with suggestions from the Prime Hair Studio. Prime Hair Studio suggests approximately how many grafts or follicles(roots) are required to cover up that particular class of male pattern baldness.


Most of the times, patients are confused about how many grafts are required to cover their baldness. Universally Norwood Classification is used to differentiate the classes of baldness. Looking at following pictures, a person can get a random idea about how many grafts or follicles are required for his type of baldness. But it is always better to get a personalised idea for your baldness. You can upload your photos to get the exact number of grafts or follicles required for you by clicking here