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How to select your Transplant Clinic

Hair Transplant Clinic for Best Results – How to select?

Hair Transplant clinic selection is a very crucial decision. When a person decides to undergo hair transplant, the most common dilemma is how to choose a doctor and hair transplant clinic? The skill, experience, and talent of hair transplant doctors vary widely. This affects the end results.


It is important that you do research. Choose your surgeon and hair transplant clinic wisely. After all, which hair transpalnt clinic you choose will determine how natural and full your new hair will be for the rest of your life.

Prime Hair Studio offers the following suggestions when selecting a hair transplant clinic/surgeon:

  • Is your doctor asking you the full history of your hair loss to determine its cause. This should be followed by thorough check-up of bald and donor area?
  • Is your doctor making you aware about all the options available, surgical and nonsurgical? .
  • Does the hair transplant clinic have trained and skilled technical staff to handle large sessions?
  • Is the machinery or technology latest and up to date?
  • Choose a hair transplant clinic in Mumbai that is patient focused rather than commercially focused. Some clinics emphasize revenue, speed and volume rather than dedicating the time and individual care needed to produce optimal results. These commercial operations typically rely on heavy advertising rather than satisfied patient or doctor referrals.
  • Is hair transplant the primary focus of their practice? Outstanding results require a doctor and a full staff who perform hair transplantation surgery on a regular basis. Doing hair transplantation as a sideline, along with other cosmetic procedures, may hinder their ability to do highly refined follicular unit transplantation.
  • Will you be given any extra time that might be required? As the hair transplant procedure is time consuming, sometimes extending more than the time schedule.
  • How many patients have been given excellent results?
  • Can the clinic provide patient’s before and after photographs? Do they also have patients who are willing to speak with you?


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