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Bio-Fiber Hair Transplant Facts and Effectiveness

April 21, 2017

Biofibre hair implant technique is mainly to help the people experiencing baldness and alopecia related problems. It is a minor surgical process that makes use of artificial hair that is compatible with your body. This surgical method helps you in regaining back your natural looks as the artificial hair looks completely natural.

Safety and Efficacy of Biofiber Hair Implant

Safety and efficacy of biofibre hair implant need to be ensured by:

  • Making use of a safe raw material for the production of biofiber hair that is biocompatible and focused for medical use.
  • The use of an extractable root that will allow a completely reversible implant in case required.
  • The instrument that ensures a correct implant procedure and a long-lasting aesthetic result should be used.
  • By consulting the best hair transplant surgeon for biofiber hair transplant.
  • By using a suitable application for biofiber hair transplant.

How Biofiber Hair Implant Technique works?

Biofiber hairs are selected as per the length and colour of your hair. In the initial stages, a few numbers of fibers are implanted in the bald area to detect any reaction or hair transplant side effects. Your surgeon will observe for a week and once no side effects are observed

April 14, 2017

Biofibre hair implant is a new and unique hair restoration treatment used to treat baldness in both men and women. In absence of sufficient donor hair on your scalp, biofibre hair implant can be used as it gives instant results in one sitting. Biofibre hair transplant technique is suitable for any age group and even for people experiencing complete baldness. This treatment can be considered as the best solution for patients dealing with alopecia.  Prime Hair Studio is the best clinic for a hair transplant in Mumbai.

Why use BioFibre Implants for Hair Restoration

The following reasons justify the use of biofibre hair implants for hair restoration:

  • Biofibre hair material is approved by CE and FDA for medical use
  • The inert material that biofibre hair is made up of is not harmful to the human body and thus produces a keratin plug which inhibits the microbial agents from penetrating in the layers.
  • Biofibre hair is biocompatible and is well accepted by your skin tissues
  • The biofibre hairs are resistant to flexing and tensile stress. It does not break and have a long lasting aesthetic effect.
  • Biofibre hair generally has a special reversible knot that ensures an excellent strength of t