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Biofibre Hair Transplant – Biofibre Implant

BioFibre Hair Transplant Introduction

BioFibre Hair Transplant is a alternative option to cover the baldness instantly in people who are not good candidates for natural hair transplant . It is also a good option if someone desires immediate results and wants to avoid waiting period. Some people prefer it to Natural hair transplant to avoid the shaving the head.

Hair loss and baldness is very common among both men and women. the causes of hair loss include lifestyle changes, stress, poor eating habits, hormonal changes, diseases, use of harmful chemical products for hair etc. A loss of upto 50 to 100 hair per day is considered normal. if it becomes more than that or if the hair fail to regrow then it can lead to baldness. This needs immediate intervention. 

Best option currently is medications, different therapies and hair transplant. Unfortunately there are some people in whom these treatments either dont work or not possible because of various reasons. So in these cases, where all other options fail, artificial hair systems (wigs, patches, hair extensions etc) and Synthetic Fiber Implant remains the only options. Artificial hair systems may not be preferred by many individuals because of various reasons (Loss of remaining natural hair permanently, irritation, itching, sweating and discomfort). Synthetic fibers can be used along with the existing natural hair. Artificial hair transplant or synthetic hair transplant are some of the terms used for Fibers but the correct term would be Synthetic Hair Fiber Implant. It is a procedure done for people suffering from Baldness or thinning hair. in this procedure syntheic hair fibers (Biofiber By Medicap from Italy or Fiber By Nido, Japan) are inserted unedr the skin of the bald person using special implant devices. Implanting is done in such a way that it matches the existing hair. 


Biofibers are soft & fine
Bio fibers are 15 to 30 cm natural-looking hair made of polyamide fibers. 
They look exactly like natural hair, and it becomes almost impossible to differentiate between the two.
They come in different colours and lengths. they are also available as straight and curly fibers.
They are made up of inert synthetic materials which are Biocompatible and nontoxic
They Produce a keratin plug after insertion in the skin to make sure that microbes do not enter the scalp.
They have goof tensile strength so they do not break easily
They have a knot at one end which helps in good retention when implanted in the skin.
These fibers can be transplanted anywhere on head and are best for those who want immediate results.



We use high-quality synthetic fibers  which gives 100 % natural-looking results immediately after procedure. The two renowned brands used by us are:

  • Biofibre from Medicap Company (Italy)
  • Nido (Japan)


Biofibre Hair Implant UK


What is the difference between a Biofibre hair transplant and a traditional hair transplant?


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What are the advantages of Synthetic Biofibre Hair Transpant or Biofiber Hair Implant

  1. Biofibers look exactly like natural hair and give excellent cosmetic appearance.
  2. It is a good option for people who do not have donor area for natural hair transplant.
  3. It is also a good option for people who have already used their donor area and are not satisfied with results.
  4. it gives instant results. There is no waiting period so you can join your work immediately.
  5. Quick and painless procedure.
  6. Hair will remain same colour and wont turn white or grey.
  7. It is available in many colours, textures and Lengths.


What are the Disadvantages of Synthetic Biofibre Hair Transplant or Biofiber Hair Implant

  1. It is expensive.
  2. It is not permanent and Every year there is a loss of 20 to 30% fibers which may need to be replaced if you wish to maintain the dense look.
  3. Maintenance protol needs to be followed to prevent infection.
  4. Over the years it may cause scarring of skin (Not visible scarring but it causes skin to become more firm)
  5. Heat treatments like ironing, straightening and perming can not be done for biofibers.


Who can undergo Synthetic Hair Transplant 

  1. people who are not good candidates for hair transplant because of poor donor area.
  2. People who desire insant results.
  3. People in whom the test patch is successful
  4. people who are not happy with their hair transplant results.
  5. people who do not wish to shave their head off for the hair transplant.


The procedure of biosynthetic hair transplant

Steps Involved in the Implant Procedure

  1. First a test patch of 100 fibers is done to rule out any allergic reaction and to check the biocompatibility of the fibers. You need to wait for a period of 4 weeks after the test patch.
  2. If test patch works fine then the procedure of the Biofibers is planned. You will be advised blood investigations to check fitness for the procedure. During the procedure, first local anesthesia is given to make the procedure painless then fibers are implanted one at a time. it has a knot at one end which gets embedded in the scalp after implantation. Number of fibers to be implanted depends on the size of the bald area and expectations of the patient in terms of desired density of fibers. We at Prime Hair Studio, transplant about 600 to 700 fibers per hour. Prime Hair Studio is the best Synthetic Hair Transplant clinic in India with great speed, accuracy and honesty for the patients
  3. Cleaning is done and disinfectant medicine is applied to the scalp.
  4. Antibiotics and other medications are prescribed for the patient. 


Which is Better? Biofibers From Medicap or Fibers from Nido?

Fibers from both these companies are biocompatible. There are some slight differences in the colour, shine and texture. The major difference is in the knots of the fibers. Doctor will suggest you which fibers are recommended during consultation


Synthetic hair transplant Cost in India

Cost of Biofibers or Synthetic hair transplant is quite cheap in India in comparison to other countries ( almost 70 to 75%). This is the reason that many people from other countries visit Prime Hair Studio to get Biofibers done. At our clinic, we give good discounts on biofibers to our patients. Call or Whatsapp at (0091) 9594715522 to know the cost. You can also mail us at Our website is


About Surgeon

Dr Sulochana Khogare is a Maxillofacial Surgeon who has done her Masters from prestigious Nair Hospital. She is a renowned hair transplant surgeon and Synthetic hair transplant doctor. She is the First Surgeon to start Biofibers Hair Implant in Mumbai. She is doing this procedure since 2014 and has done hundreds of procedures. We get patients from all over the world and from various parts of India as well. Call (0091) 9594715522 for appointment or Online Consultation with Doctor. 


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