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Choose a Hair Transplant in Mumbai

July 12, 2016

The success of hair transplant is heavily dependent on the skills and experience of the hair transplant surgeon. Bollywood, combined with fashion and advertising industry creates a huge demand for treatments like hair transplant in Mumbai. This segment cannot compromise on the results and hence Mumbai has produced a lot of good hair transplant surgeons, Dr Sulochana Khogare is one such surgeon doing hair transplant in Mumbai.

Mumbai also receives a lot of medical tourism patients from other countries for getting the hair transplant in India. The cost of hair transplant in India is much lesser than in US / UK / Canada / Saudi Arab / United Arab Emirates / Dubai / Bahrain / London / Thailand / Australia / New Zealand / Singapore etc. Patients traveling from these countries save anything between 30% – 60% on the total cost. The cost of hair transplant in India is cheaper by 30-60% even after consider the flight tickets, accommodation in Mumbai and local travel. Artificial hair transplant cost in Mumbai is very affordable too, if you have to opt for artificial hair.

Lower cost coupled with experience in producing great hair transplant results, Prime Hair Studio ( is one of the preferred hair transplant clinics for patients, who want to do their hair transplantation in Mumbai.

We also offer free online (telephonic / skype ) consultation with our main surgeon Dr Sulochana Khogare. Please fill up the enquiry form available on our website to discuss your case with us. Book your appointment with us for your hair transplant in Mumbai  we use advanced hair transplant technologies like laser for hairloss and tricopigmentation in mumbai.


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