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When to opt for Biofibre synthetic Hair Implant for Hair Restoration

April 14, 2017

Biofibre hair implant is a new and unique hair restoration treatment used to treat baldness in both men and women. In absence of sufficient donor hair on your scalp, biofibre hair implant can be used as it gives instant results in one sitting.

Biofibre hair transplant technique is suitable for any age group and even for people experiencing complete baldness. This treatment can be considered as the best solution for patients dealing with alopecia.  Prime Hair Studio is the best clinic for a hair transplant in Mumbai.

Why use BioFibre Implants for Hair Restoration

The following reasons justify the use of biofibre hair implants for hair restoration:

  • Biofibre hair material is approved by CE and FDA for medical use
  • The inert material that biofibre hair is made up of is not harmful to the human body and thus produces a keratin plug which inhibits the microbial agents from penetrating in the layers.
  • Biofibre hair is biocompatible and is well accepted by your skin tissues
  • The biofibre hairs are resistant to flexing and tensile stress. It does not break and have a long lasting aesthetic effect.
  • Biofibre hair generally has a special reversible knot that ensures an excellent strength of the implant.
  • These implants can be easily removed whenever required without leaving scars
  • Biofibre hair is strongly resistant, soft and flexible
  • These hair implants are identical to natural hair and are available in different colors and length.

Process of Implantation of Biofibre Synthetic Hair

Initially, the color and length of the synthetic hair implant are chosen based on the remaining hair texture. Your preference is also considered at the hair transplant clinic in Mumbai. In the first step around 100 biofibers are implanted in the bald area to test any reactions.

After a week of the implant placement, if there are no reactions then remaining fibers are planted in a single session using a local anesthesia. Soon after the implantation, you can resume back to you regular routine in no time as long recovery period is not required.

Why Biofibre Synthetic Hair Implant

You must select this procedure if you are willing to resolve your baldness or alopecia safely and effectively. This technique is known to offer immediate and long-lasting aesthetic results. It is a non-invasive treatment for hair restoration. Most of the men considered artificial hair transplant in Mumbai as the best hair restoration treatment to deal with baldness.

Advantages of Biofibre Synthetic Hair Implant

There are many advantages of using biofiber synthetic hair implants, the most common advantages are:

  • It offers a high hair density in few hours
  • You can achieve you natural aesthetic look soon after the procedure
  • It looks identical to natural hair texture, color and length
  • It is a simple, outpatient procedure that does not affect your regular routine.
  • Artificial hair transplant cost in Mumbai is reasonable and can be done under the supervision of experienced doctors.
  • You do not need to maintain the hair regularly to keep the aesthetic look
  • It can be performed as a stand-alone procedure or in a combination with other surgical treatments.
  • It can also be used for generalized hair thinning and for other conditions like androgenic alopecia and scarring alopecia.

Synthetic hair transplant or artificial hair transplant is a common procedure opted by men to regain the natural looks. Artificial hair transplant cost is affordable at Prime hair studio.