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Laser for Hair Loss Treatment

Laser Treatment for Hair Loss

Everyday, Most of the people loose almost 100 hairs from the scalp. In normal situation, in most of the people these hairs grow back. But in some people the hair dont grow back. The reasons can be multiple like



Nutritional Defficiency

Hormonal Changes

Certain Medical Conditions



Side effects of some Treatments like Chemotherapy


Treatments to stop Hair Loos and sometimes to reverse it are

  1. Medications like Minoxidil and Finasteride
  2. Laser Therapy
  3. Mesotherapy
  4. PRP Hair Treatment
  5. GFC Hair Treatment

What is Laser Treatment

Laser Therapy for Hair Loss is a low level laser therapy. It is also called as Red Light Therapy and Cold Laser Therapy. This Low Lever Laser Therapy irradiates the photons into scalp tissue. These photons are absorbed by weak hair cells to cause the hair growth. This is a non invasive treatment. It is very safe and widely accepted treatment option. 

Low Level Laser increases the circulation and stimulates the hair follicles to cause healthy growth of hair. 

According to a 2013 Research on Laser hair treatment, there was a 39% increase in hair growth over a period of 16 weeks. This study was conducted on males in the age group of 18 to 48 years.


Advantages of Laser Treatment for Hair Loss

  1. it is painless
  2. It is Noninvasive
  3. No side effects
  4. Increases the Hair Growth


Disadvantages of Laser Treatment for Hair Loss

  1. Time consuming procedure – For good results, many sessions over a period of weeks and months, are required. Once the hair grows, the number of sessions will be decreased but still need to be continued to maintain the results.
  2. Cost – Though the individual sessions are not very costly, the cost will become higher in long term. 
  3. Effectivity  -Laser Treatment is effective in early stages of hair loss. But it might be less effective for people in advanced stages of hair loss. 
  4. It is not recommended for the people who are using photosensitising medication.



If you want to stop the hair loss and regrow the hair back, then Laser Hair treatment is an option. As with any other medical treatments, this treatment also has some advantages and disadvantages which are considered by the doctor while deciding if Laser treatment if right for you. Doctors will help in making a decision. Rapid Hair loss should be an indication for seeking the doctor’s advise.