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What is Hair Transplant


Transplantation of hair is a medical technique used to treat Male Pattern Baldness. It is a minimally invasive procedure. Grafts containing hair follicles or hair roots are taken from the ‘donor area’ and transplanted to the bald scalp. These hair roots are resistant to hair fall or baldness.


Transplanted hair grow like natural hair. It helps patients achieve a natural appearance. After Transplantation, hair can be cut, shampooed, oiled etc as the natural hair.


Hair Transplantation  is the best solution to baldness. Hair in the donor area (back and side of head) is genetically resistant to balding. That means they are not lost even when they are transplanted in other areas.


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The Hair Transplantation Process

The hair transplant surgery involves following steps



1.  Extraction of hair follicles from donor areas :–  Extraction roots or grafts is done by two methods. First is FUT (Follicular Unit Transfer) in which a strip of skin is removed from backside of head. This strip contains thousands of hair roots. Second method is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) in which follicle or roots are extracted one by one with the help of motorized machine.


2. Implantation of hair follicles:– This step remains same for both FUT and FUE transplant. Implantation of roots is done by either Stick and Place technique or Lateral Slit technique. Our doctors at Prime Hair Studio use “Stick and Place technique” In this technique hair transplant surgeon makes a place for the root at the bald area and then immediately places the graft into it.

What is the meaning of FUT and FUE?

In FUT and FUE,the only difference is in the extraction of roots. In both techniques, placement or implantation step would remain same. During the consultation our doctors would examine your donor area. They will understand your preferences. They will then recommend either one of these methods or combination of both methods.


To understand more about FUT & FUE, and to know the difference the difference between FUT and FUE and to understand which method is good in your individual case