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Virender Sehwag Hair Transplant – Was it a failure?

July 12, 2016

Hair transplant has become most common cosmetic surgery nowadays, gone are the days when people use to compromise with their looks and say it doesn’t matter to them. Well now it does matter to people how they look. Hair is the most important part of their looks.

People who suffer from hair loss and baldness feel less confident about themselves. It causes stress and psychological problems. They feel uncomfortable about the baldness. And if you are a celebrity it’s not easy to compromise with your looks as celebrities are constantly under spot light. Here we are not talking about only film stars or TV actors but even the cricketers and business tycoons.

The promising player of team India Virender Sehwag, is known to hit 300 twice in test matches. He has brought team India to a new benchmark. He is also known because of his baldness and the hair transplant treatment in Mumbai. In fact lot of our patients ask us about Virender Sehwag Hair Transplant.

Sehwag had lost almost all of his hair. He has undergone hair transplant and now we can see good amount of hair on his scalp. It has really benefited him, he is back to his old good looks. Virender Sehwag Hair Transplant has taken almost five years off his age.

It has benefited him in many ways. Like any other celebrity he can also endorse many products. It was very crucial for him to look good in ads or on screen. Hair loss also has a lot to do with confidences. In Virender Sehwag FUE Hair Transplant, FUE technique (DHI or Direct Hair Implantation method) was used. DHI is known as the “no touch” technique. It utilizes a small pen-like instrument which is able to implant hair follicles without having to resort to force or excessive handling from the surgeon.

Therefore it limits the chances of follicular damage. Furthermore, it also allows the surgeon to control the placement, direction and depth of the hair grafts. The procedure followed for getting his hair back can get crown swirls, natural hairline and widow’s peak back for the many people suffering from this problem.

Just some local anesthesia, and you are ready to go for a new look and great confidence. The secret always is to choose a nice surgeon who is skilled and can understand the kind of results he can get for you. Celebrity or non–celebrity, looks and status matters to all.

Virender Sehwag Hair Transplant Cost is affordable and within reach for everyone now. It is a one time cost and certainly less than what you spend on hair loss medicines, oil over the years. As hair transplant does not require any long term medicines or maintenance. It is completely natural.

One question that most of our patients ask is how come sehwag lost his hair even after transplant. The answer is that transplanted hair are never lost but if you don’t take treatment for the remaining hair then there is a chance that you might loose remaining natural hair because of effect of DHT. Whereas transplanted hair are resistent to DHT so they should not be lost. If transplanted hair are taken from the proper donor area, they should not be lost. For More consult Dr. sulocha s.khogare is the famous specialist for hair transplant in Mumbai.

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