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Benefits of PRP Treatment for Hair in Mumbai

April 17, 2017

Thinning of hair is commonly seen in old age and it can lead to a low density of hair. Thinning of hair is also seen in youngsters these days due to stress and many other factors. Hair loss and hair thinning must be taken seriously as it can spoil and hamper your looks and make you look older than your age.  PRP treatment for hair in Mumbai will help you combat thinning of hair and baldness.

PRP treatment is generally preferred for hair thinning and hair loss as it is known to give successful results. Hair growth treatments and hair transplant treatments are commonly used to deal with baldness and other related hair problems.

What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is your concentrated blood plasma that contains around 3-5 times the number of platelets that are found usually in circulating blood. It also contains certain growth factors such as:

  • Platelet derived growth factor (PDGF)
  • Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)
  • Transforming growth factor (TGF).

In addition to growth factors, it also contains bioactive proteins that aids in wound healing process and improving hair growth.

PRP Treatment for Hair in Mumbai

The PRP used in this treatment is considered as autologous, means it is derived from the patient’s own blood. The blood is centrifuged to get this PRP. Centrifugation helps in separating the solid and liquid components. The separated solid part obtained in centrifugation is the PRP (platelet rich plasma).

PRP can either be administered as a standalone therapy or in combination with other cell components to support hair growth. PRP can also be sprayed on the affected area during and after the hair transplant treatment.

Benefits of PRP Treatment

There are many benefits of using PRP therapy for hair loss. The most common benefits include the following:

  1. The first and most important benefit of PRP therapy is that the platelet rich plasma is developed from your own blood.
  2. Using the PRP from your own blood eliminates the risks associated disease conditions such as allergies and hypersensitivity.
  3. It is completely a natural treatment that does not involve any artificial chemical products that may increase the risk of infection.
  4. PRP therapy is one of the most effective treatments for hair loss.
  5. The treatment sessions depends on the affected area. It is usually done in 6-8 sessions.
  6. The results of PRP therapy are visible in 1-2 sessions
  7. PRP stimulates the stem cells present in the hair follicles that promote the growth and thickening of your hair.
  8. PRP therapy is beneficial for patients with androgenetic or hereditary alopecia.
  9. There is no risk of scarring and bleeding as it is a non-surgical procedure.
  10. PRP treatment is beneficial for both men and women.
  11. This treatment reduce the shrinking of hair follicles
  12. PRP treatment can be completed in an hour
  13. There is no specific recovery period for PRP treatment.

For PRP treatment, you can consult the hair transplant clinic in Mumbai. Hair transplant in Mumbai is common and can be done under the supervision of experienced surgeons. Hair transplant cost in Mumbai is comparatively less than other cities and can give you permanent natural results with minimal or no scarring.