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Biofibre Hair Transplant / Synthetic Hair Implant

November 11, 2021

Biofibre Hair Transplant – BioSynthetic Hair Implant Introduction To Biofibre Hair Transplant Hair loss and baldness is very common among both men and women. the causes of hair loss include lifestyle changes, stress, poor eating habits, hormonal changes, diseases, use of harmful chemical products for hair etc. A loss of upto 50 to 100 hair per day is considered normal. if it becomes more than that or if the hair fail to regrow then it can lead to baldness. This needs immediate intervention.  Best option currently is medications, different therapies and hair transplant. Unfortunately there are some people in whom these treatments either dont work or not possible because of various reasons. So in these cases, where all other options fail, artificial hair systems (wigs, patches, hair extensions etc) and Synthetic Fiber Implant remains the only options. Artificial hair systems may not be preferred by many individuals because of various reasons (Loss of remaining natural hair permanently, irritation, itching, sweating and discomfort). Synthetic fibers can be used along with the existing natural hair. Artificial hair transplant or synthetic hair transplant are some of the terms used for Fibers but the correct term would be Synthetic Hair Fiber Implant. It is a procedure done for people suffering from Baldness or thin

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