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Hair Transplant Reviews – Patient Testimonials – Prime Hair Studio

Hair Transplant Reviews – Patient Testimonials*

“My hair had been thinning for 8 years and I had tried laser hair therapy for almost 3 years without much success. I knew hair transplant was the last option as it is supposed to be permanent. I researched on the internet and came across Prime Hair Studio. I got in touch with them via Whatsapp and they explained to me the actual procedure and gave me rough estimate of cost.


I decided to fly to Mumbai to get my hair transplant done at Prime Hair Studio. I received 4000 grafts over 2 days, 1,800 on day 1 and 2,200 on day 2. They were about 12 hour days including breaks etc. They provide you with lunch and you can take breaks as you please.


I chatted to them throughout the procedure and this helped me calm my nerves and also helped keep the surgery more bearable which would have otherwise been boring and monotonous.


After the surgery, they cleaned the transplanted area twice before I left. Did I mention how nice the ladies are at the clinic :)


It has been a good value to me as the same treatment here in the USA would have cost 5 times more!


Prime Hair Studio staff were really nice and helpful. I chose this clinic as I read good reviews about it on the internet. They stood out from other clinics as they were in constant contact with me whilst I was in the US preparing to travel to Mumbai. They provided the name of hotels close to their clinic. Also, they provided me with information regarding local restaurants and places to visit etc.


The clinic is clean and sterile and on par with the clinics in the USA.


Anyone thinking of getting a hair transplant in Mumbai should get in touch with Prime Hair Studio.


Alvin, Seattle, Washington

o all men suffering from hair loss, I strongly recommend Prime Hair Studio (Dr.Sulochana). My experience from beginning to end was great.


Before I went through with the transplant I did a lot of research, as I was planning for BIO FUE Procedure. I was having many doubt and questions regarding the BOI FUE Procedure.


Consultation – Gets an understanding of what I want & I was convinced with the representative (Ambareen). Miss Ambareen explains the procedure very well, goes over options for the procedure and gives me a best price quote.


First visit, I had very pleasant conversation with Dr Sulochana for more than 1 hour. She interviewed me to get know my hair loss history; also she answered all my questions by images and very good command. She is very friendly and understanding to my situation. She explained the procedures very detail, so I can imagine how it going on and preparing my mindset for it. Without hesitation, I get the hair transplant surgery the next day.


Takes before photos, and begins BIO FUE procedure, Dr. Sulochana doing the transplant is an expert in her field. She showed perfectionism when drawing my new hair line. She made small corrections until she and I thought it looked perfect. Very friendly staff talks to me during the procedure and make sure I am comfortable and create a relaxed environment.


Dr. Sulochana was very good at ensuring I am in no pain throughout the surgery. Because the surgery went through lunch, & also received good hospitality from the clinic staff. They bandaged me up and sent me home with a nice care package all bagged up.


All aspects of the Prime Hair Studio hair transplant are very thorough and professional. Dr.Sulochana and her staff are duly courteous and conduct their task with precision and are medically to the standards at par globally. I would advise all those interested in this method to do their due diligence and surely visit Prime Hair Studio before taking further decision in having this treatment.


Great Experience ….


All aspects of the Prime Hair Studio hair transplant are very thorough and professional. Dr.Sulochana and her staff are duly courteous and conduct their task with precision and are medically to the standards at par globally”

Arshad, UAE

My overall experience at the Prime Hair Studio was wonderful and hence this testimonial. The staff are very knowlegeable and caring. The facility is state of the art and the after care is second to none.*


Balwant Singh, Mumbai

I had been searching for a solution for my hair loss problem for many years. After undergoing hundreds of treatments at several clinics, I began to believe that there is no solution to my hair loss problem.


I had gone to all the so called clinics and talked to sales men who were only interested in making me sign up as soon as possible. I was made to undergo all kinds of fancy hair tests which I later learnt were quite unnecessary. I felt really under pressure because of constant pressure from one particular clinic and signed up for the hair loss treatment package of 6 months.


It turned out to be big mistake. After weekly sessions of treatment for 6 months without any results, I was told that since this treatment is not working and they will try out a new treatment. Another 3 months, no results and they told me of LASER, then injections. They made me buy lot of products. Finally I gave up on this clinic, after spending lot of money. Not even once they told me that any medicine effect will last only for 3 to 6 months. I had also gone to a so called hair clinic where I would have to go twice a week to have my hair shampooed under a red lamp.


I now feel very unfortunate that I wasted a lot of time and money on all this. I got little or no improvement in my hair loss problem from any of these places.


Then I came across a person who had undergone treatment at Prime Hair Studio and got excellent result. I called up their registered phone number and talked to their consultant. After looking at my photos, they gave me all the relevant information.


I must admit that I got to know so many things about hair loss for the first time. All my questions were not just answered satisfactorily, but they volunteered all the information that I should know. I visited the clinic and met Dr Sulochana Khogare who is their hair transplant surgeon.


The Doctor was genuinely interested in helping me and was honest in telling me what she could do. She also told me all the available treatment options for me and also the limitations. It was refreshing to talk to a knowledgeable qualified person. First time I was told about the advantages as well as side effects and disadvantages of all the treatments.


I felt happy that finally I had found the place where i can put my trust. On the day of procedure, I was really nervous. I was given a room. The staff was very friendly and efficient. Dr Sulochana and Dr Prachi themselves did this tiring procedure and I was never left alone with nurses or technicians even for a moment.The procedure was painless after the initial local anaesthesia.


Most importantly I was not charged for any follow ups and all my calls and queries were answered very promptly. They did not make me but any of their shampoos or medicines or products.
It has been 8 months since I have undergone the hair transplant treatment and the results have exceeded my expectations. It was the best investment I have made in myself and it was worth every penny.*

Nishant Sehgal, Mumbai

My initial consultation made me want to go back to Prime Hair Studio. The gentleman was so friendly yet informative. He really gave me a understanding of the procedure.The whole team on the day of my hair transplant were super.They genuinely strived to make the experience as comfortable as possible.*


Seema, Bilaspur

Its amazing how after the hair transplant my self confidence has grown like my new hair. It has changed me as a person. I now go three times a week to the gym. I can look in the mirror and seeing my new hair makes me feel better inside and feel younger looking. Thanks to Prime Hair Studio and all the team in the clinic.*


Dr Akshay D, Mumbai

Prime Hair Studio gave me the celebrity treatment all the way through. I felt very welcome and also all my questions were answered satisfactorily prior to my surgery. The FUE technique was comfortable and healing process was fast. I received also a top quality post care.*


K Jayendran, Bangalore

My thanks to Dr Sulochna, Dr Prachi and their staff. You guys do more than hair transplants, you give men back their joy and their pride in something they thought was gone and had no control over. I honestly, thank you all.*


Hitesh Shah, Mumbai

From first to last my experience at Prime Hair Studio was a pleasure. Surgery isn’t something I’ve ever gone in for before, so I had dozens (and dozens) of questions before I was ready to commit to a procedure. All of these were handled swiftly, efficiently and honestly by their representative, Raghav. After two or three weeks I was convinced I was dealing with a top notch organisation and so I decided to go ahead.


I arrived very early in the morning and had to go through the necessary paperwork. Shortly afterwards I met Dr Sulochana, then was introduced to the team who would be working on me. Also in the operating room was a team of three to four technicians working to prepare the grafts. It felt incredible to be the centre of such attention!


I was told to say if at any point anything hurt, and the team worked very hard to keep me comfortable at all times. It was a long day for everyone but I can honestly say I enjoyed it. The team who were inserting the grafts were extremely chatty and friendly and they really did seem to enjoy their work.


I returned the following day for a quick check-up. Doctors had managed to do more grafts than originally intended. I had agreed to this in advance, so it wasn’t unexpected. I also got to meet Rupali, who I had spoken to on the phone on a few occasions.


I trust you guys and with something like this it is worth paying for the best.


Any surprises?, I thought the operation would be a breeze, but it was a long, tiring day.  Having said which – if you’re going to have this kind of procedure, I would unequivocally recommend Prime Hair Studio.*


Pankaj Sharma, Mumbai

Prime Hair Studio did an amazing job covering the areas that I needed done the most by utilizing each graft to suit my look and style.*


Ravindra Pawar, Mumbai

These Transplant reviews are for the person who is unsure and trying to make the correct decision. These reviews will save you a lot of time and hassle and help you make the right choice. Hair Transplant Reviews for Prime Hair Sudio. Here is what our patients have to say about us. Their experience at our clinic, with our staff, with our surgeons and most importantly our results. You can send your hair transplant reviews about our phone consultation, consultation or treatments to and we will upload them. Please feel free to let us know about our shortcomings too.