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Videos for Biofibre Hair Implant Results

Biofibre Hair Implant results are displayed in this video along with all the information regarding Biofibre or synthetic Hair Implant.

This is a  video demonstration of the insertion of biofibre hair implant (Medicap).

Biofibre is a synthetic nylon fibre that inserted inside the skin to mimic the natural hair. These fibres have a reversible knot which helps in holding it to skin. It is a worthwhile hair restoration technique for alopecia and hair thinning, specially if the hair transplant is not possible because of the limited donor area. Biofibre hair implant helps Both male and female patients in obtaining immediate and natural looking aesthetic results. It is a safe simple and light aesthetic surgery.

Procedure is started by giving local anaesthesia. A small needle is used to avoid pain to patient. Local anaesthesia makes the skin numb. We had already done a test patch of 100 fibres, 1 month prior. 1 sterile packet of biofibres has 2 small packets which contain 50 biofibres each. These biofibre have a reversible knot which is inserted in the skin using disposable manual implanter. Direction and angulation of biofibre is important for most aesthetic and natural looking results.

Biofibre is a biocompatible synthetic hair and is undetectable to natural hair. it can meet the desired colour, length and shape. To acheive gradual aesthetic improvement a quantity of 800 to 1500 biofibre is suggested per single session. Before doing large sessions of biofibre, a test patch of 100 fibres is recommended. This helps in knowing your body’s acceptability of biofibres. After the test patch, a waiting period of 1 month is advisable. If there is no untoward reaction of the skin then large sessions of biofibre can be performed. We advise to gradually increase the density of fibres over multiple sessions. Here I am planning to implant 1200 fibres as a first session. Over the next sessions, we can increase the density. Next session can be performed after 3 to 4 weeks in the same area or after 1 to 2 weeks in a different area. Requirement or number of fibres required depends on the expectations of the individual. As these biofibre are fine, more numbers are required to get desired results. Aft implantation patient can resume his social life immediately.

Post implant care includes 1. Antibiotics 2. Gentle Handling of biofibre. 3. Periodic check up 4. Proper cleaning with suitable products Maintenance of biofibre hair implant depends on personal hygiene and proper care. Sebum removal is helpful. Always treat biofibre gently. Do not curl or iron it. Use wide tooth comb to untangle. Wash regularly. Wash with freshwater after swimming. Protect biofibre hair implant wit wet towel during sauna.

Complications of Biofibre include hair implant Swelling, inflammation and occasional infection are some of the complications. Every year about 20% fibres fall and it needs to be replaced. This repeated replacement can cause swelling, inflammation and hardening of the skin. Infection is seen as redness and discharge of fluid or pus. Localised infection can be treated with medicines or by removal of infected fibre. Biofibre can be extracted or removed in the whole form if infected. Repeat insertion of biofibre in the same area can be done after 3 months.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can it be done for females?

Yes, it is available in 30cm and 45cm lengths as well. It is also available as straight, wavy and curly biofibre.

2. Can I get desired colour?

Yes, it is available in more than 13 colours.

3. Can someone notice synthetic biofibre?

Biofibre look completely natural like your hair. They do not change the colour or shape. They do not leave any mark after falling.

4. In how many days, fibres are stabilised?

20 to 30 days.

5. How many fibres can be implanted in each session?

800 to 1500

6. How long the result of biofibre hair last?

This duration varies from patient to patient and correct management of post implant period. Every year there is a loss of 20% fibres.

7. After loosing Biofibres, can new fibres be placed in the same area?

Yes, it can be done.

8. Can I do biofibres after hair transplant?

Yes. In fact it is a very common practise to get desired look by inserting biofibre hair after a failed hair transplant or if the result is not satisfactory to patient.

9. Can biofibre hair implant be done if I am using minoxidil and finasteride?

Yes 10. Can PRP be done after Biofibre? Yes.

11. Can Biofibre be done for eyebrows or beard?


12. I wear a wig, can I do biofibre?

Yes, but density of biofibre will not be same as the wig.

In summary, biofibre hair implant is a very good temporary option only in cases where immediate results are desired or if hair transplant is not possible. Nido Fibres from Japan are done in the similar way and have almost similar properties.




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In this video, we are giving information about biofibre hair or biofibre hair implant and also about the biofibre hair implant cost.

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