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Post Hair Transplant Tips

March 21, 2017

After a successful hair transplant surgery, you will be probably thinking about the post hair transplant tips. You may feel on the top of the world after your friends or loved ones notice your new fully grown hair on your scalp. Excited right?  To make this happen you need to take special care of your hair after the hair transplantation.

Helpful Tips after Hair Transplant

Here are the Top 5 must follow tips after post hair transplant

Give attention to your scalp

Post hair loss treatment or surgery you may feel numbness and soreness in the areas of insertion. But taking the right care can reduce the symptoms. Keep your scalp clean and dry especially on the first day for a speedy skin healing. Avoid direct sunlight after the surgery, if you are going out during the day time wear a hat. Post surgery the scalp will be itchy, but touching the scalp is a big NO. Touching your newly grafted hair may result in the graft falling.

Scar Care

Just like any other surgery there will be some sort of itching, scaring and uneasiness after the surgery. To reduce the scalp irritation, scaring or any swellings apply antibiotic tropical cream which has been prescribed by your surgeon. Make sure that you are not touching your scalp under any condition, it may cause infection.

Head should be always upright

While sleeping your head should be in the semi- upright position. Take two or more pillows and place in under your head to elevate the head. Continue to do this for two or three days after the transplant, by doing this you can avoid extra inflammation to the scalp.

Watch your Diet

Having a healthy, fresh, alkaline foods are preferable than having salty and spicy foods. Consumption of alcohol or alcoholic beverages can affect directly on your head by supplying less amount of blood to the hair follicles. Avoid Spicy dishes, alcohol and smoking for a month after the surgery to see fast healing.

Reduce Physical Activity

If you are interested in sporting, forget it for a month because playing sports will make you sweat and this may increase the risk of infection. Also avoid direct sunlight, steam baths and saunas which will also cause excessive sweating. Though you may find many guidelines after the post hair transplant surgery but, your doctor knows everything about your hair. Make sure you follow all the instructions given by your surgeon after grafting.  Hair transplant in Mumbai, best doctors at Prime hair studio will guide you the process and give you perfect solutions for hair loss treatment in men

Healing and recovering is a natural process it will take its own time. Rather than waiting for your new hair to grow, take a break and be busy with your activities, because new hair strand may appear on your scalp after 3-4 months sometimes it may take more time for some people. Now a day there are many hair loss treatment procedures available with new technologies, to get the right treatment you need to visit the best hair specialist in Mumbai who can cure all your hair problems by giving the perfect hair loss treatment.

Follow these above tips for a good result and speedy recovery. After the complete hair growth, you can be confident about yourself.