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Different Styles of Beard Transplant you can opt for

April 11, 2017

A classic sign of masculinity is a full beard. In few cases, you may observe men whose beard grows in patches and for few, it does not grow at all. Beard transplant is a common treatment these days that is opted by men who experience difficulty in growing beard. Dr. Sulochana of Prime Hair Studio is an expert in hair transplant in Mumbai and performs beard transplant successfully.

Beard is commonly considered as a symbol of power and virility. Around 45% of men are seen having bald patches in their beard that can spoil their aesthetic appearance. You can opt for beard transplant in Mumbai for a new look that can enhance your bold appearance.

Beard Styles

Most men opt for celebrity beard look as it is trendy and classy, for a natural looking beard choose hair transplant in Mumbai best doctors. The most commonly requested beard styles include the following:

1. Garibaldi

IF you are planning to have a slightly unkempt style of beard, Garibaldi is the best option. Garibaldi beard is nothing but a wide and full beard with a rounded bottom with an integrated moustache. The maximum length for Garibaldi beard is 20 cm and it should be allowed to grow naturally whereas, the moustache is kept neat.

2. Mutton chops

Mutton chops beard generally given you a 19th century looks with full sideburns. This kind of bears has long full sideburns that extend down to the corners of your mouth and are not connected by chin hair or a moustache.

These sideburns are often wider at the ends when compared to the starting points. A solid line of hair can be created by connecting to a moustache. Mutton chops beard can be bushy or trimmed close to the face.

3. Circle beard

Mostly men in the age group of 30-50 prefer circle beard. The circle beard is nothing but a circular shape of beard that combines the goatee and your moustache. This circle beard look helps you in maintaining a striking balance between old age and youthfulness in a very sophisticated and classy manner.

4. Van Dyke

This beard style gets its name from seventeenth-century Flemish painter Sir Anthony Van Dyke (also spelled Van Dyck). This beard consists of a short, pointy beard and a pointy moustache that is often waxed, without any hair on the side of your face. This kind of beard requires a regular upkeep to maintain a unique look.

5. Short stubble

It is one of the simplest kinds of beard that men prefer. You can achieve by growing facial hair for a few days after shaving it once. This type of beard looks very short. To maintain this kind of short subtle beard, you need to use a trimmer and adjust it regularly. Any hair that grows below your Adam’s apples needs to be trimmed using a razor or trimmer.

6. French Fork Beard

French fork beard is generally considered as a full beard, but this beard is characterized by the hair that is extending past your chin and splits down the middle into two segments. It is named as French fork beard because an original French fork only has 2 prongs.

Facial hair transplant is a common procedure that can be performed at the hair transplant clinic in Mumbai. The beard transplant cost in Mumbai is comparatively less than other cities. You can select beard style of your choice while going for a beard transplant in Mumbai.