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Best Shampoo for Hair

July 12, 2016

Best shampoo for hair has always been a mystery for everyone. People are usually very confused about the selection of the hair shampoo for hair growth treatment.

There are many shampoos available in market for dry hair, for oily hair, for damaged hair, for straight hair, for coloured hair etc. Oiling and massaging is very important for any type of hair. Similarly shampooing and conditioning is also vital for the healthy hair. A lot is said on how to stop hair fall but selecting the right shampoo is the most fundamental and basic step to consider.

Following are the few tips for selecting the best shampoo for hair.

  1. Hair growth shampoo containing olive oil and egg proteins helps in making hairs soft and shiny. It is best for dry hair. Best shampoo for hair contains natural ingredients. It helps protecting dry and damaged hair and there will not be any side effects.
  2. Protein hair shampoo for dry hair comes with Aloe Vera extracts that soothes the scalp. Thus it makes the hair more manageable and smooth. Hair growth shampoo and conditioner suits the dry hair. It helps to prevent the hair from damage.
  3. Best shampoo for the hair is the one with mild smell.
  4. The shampoo for dry hair will have creamy formula. It nourishes the scalp and cleans the hair. Its ultra hydrating effect is suitable for dry hair. It is good for thick hair.
  5. Shampoos containing herbal ingredients like Amla, Ritha, Akhrot, Bhingraj etc. These ingredients are good for cleansing of hair. It helps in giving volume to the hair. It is soothing. It works well even with the hard water.
  6. Vitamino colour range shampoo are good for hair especially for dry, coloured, bleached or rebounded hair
  7. Best shampoo for hair should not contain harsh chemicals like parabens or silicone or sulphates or artificial colouring.
  8. For curly hair choose a shampoo with nourishing and hydrating properties.
  9. Mild herbal shampoos are good for hair.
  10. Neem oil is the most active ingredient that helps dealing with scalp issues like dandruff, head lice and dry scalp. Shampoos containing neem oil is good for fungal infection of the scalp, itching and redness of scalp skin.
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