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Male Pattern Baldness Treatments – Getting a head full of hair

Male Pattern Baldness can have profound psychological effects on Men and Women of all ages.  Male Pattern Baldness is a result of irreversible hair fall. It is primarily caused because of genetic and hormonal issues. If the hair loss is treated in early stages,then it could help patients in keeping their head full of hair.

Once Male Pattern baldness sets in, people get worried. They try all kinds of medical, ayurvedic, homeopathy treatments. Because of worry, their stress level goes up. This causes further hair loss. They go to many clinics and therapists. Many organizations sell hope to them, hope of a head full of hair!! Its important for people to understand the basics of hair fall and hair fall treatments.

Once the hair is lost, is there a way to get it back? Yes, it is possible, if done before the roots are dead. There are no scientific studies to show how much time it takes for a root to die. But in general its advisable to start your treatment immediately after the realization of Male Pattern baldness setting in.

The primary objective of Male Pattern baldness solutions is to improve the looks and cover the baldness. Solution to baldness can be classified in two categories

Natural Hair Replacement (Hair Transplant)

The only natural and permanent solution to Male Pattern Baldness is Hair Transplant. In Hair Transplant, the hair roots are removed from the back side of the head and implanted in the bald areas. As these  roots are your own, there are no side effects. It will look completely natural. The transplanted hair can be cut, shampooed, oiled, styled and shaved. It is also permanent. Transplanted hair is taken from the back side of the head, which is resistant to DHT and hair fall. People who do not have sufficient roots at the backside of head can always opt for Body Hair Transplant (BHT). In BHT, hair roots from different parts of body like chest, back, beard, legs, hands etc can be extracted. They are then transplanted to the head area.

Artificial Hair Replacement (Wigs / hair weaving / hair bonding etc)

There are several artificial ways of covering the Male Pattern baldness and improving looks. These methods are use of bio-fibre, Wigs, hair weaving or hair bonding are available. The hair used to cover Male Pattern baldness in this method does not grow. It requires the maintenance. And it is not permanent. The hair used are matched with your natural colour, in colour and texture.