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Bad Hair Transplant – How to avoid it

The practice of medicine and surgery is not an exact science.  One hair transplant side effects is that no clinic can guarantee the perfect outcome as every procedure has potential outcomes depending on many variable factors. Also not every person is same.

Everyone may have different type of grafts or follicles and everybody’s body heals in a different way. So what can be to avoid a bad hair transplant, beard transplant or a unsuccessful hair transplant? The answer is very simple – choose the right hair transplant surgeon!

How to choose a right hair transplant surgeon?

  1. Knowledge – Does your hair transplant surgeon has all the knowledge about the hair transplant procedure with latest modifications, techniques and technologies?
  2. Truthfullness – Does the surgeon is ready to share all the good and bad points about a hair transplant procedure with you?  Sometimes the consultant may try to withhold some information from you. stay away from such clinics or doctors.
  3. Patience – Does the surgeon have the patience to carry out the lengthy and precision procedure?
  4. Expertise – Does the surgeon has required expertise for performing the hair transplant surgery?
  5. Ability – Does the surgeon have the ability, artistic understanding of what looks best, and most importantly the surgical talent to achieve natural yet exceptional results?

So how will you judge the above criteria?

It is very easy to ensure all the above mentioned criteria, as everything will be reflected in the results that surgeon has produced. Ask the surgeon to show multiple pictures; not just the before after pictures but multiple pictures of the same patient.

Before and after photos can be copied from the internet and used as their own results. But having a whole set of pictures of the same patient in the different stages of hair growth indicates that the surgeon has actually done the hair transplant for the patient. Carefully study each and every picture for their authenticity.

Read the reviews on internet. Reviews of the surgeon are genuine than the reviews of the clinic in general.

Make sure that you meet the actual hair transplant surgeon who is going to perform the surgery and not the consultant. A consultant may not be a doctor. So insist on meeting the surgeon who is going to perform the hair transplant procedure and ask all the questions to the surgeon and not the consultant.  

How to find the best hair transplant surgeon for you?

Credentials are very important when you are choosing a hair transplant surgeon. Make sure doctor is properly certified. Ideally the surgeon should have the degrees in Maxillofacial surgery,  plastic surgery or dermatology. He or she should be certified in trichology.  

Choose a surgeon who keeps abreast with latest knowledge. Critical analysis of all the photos of the previous patients is important. Pay attention to all the details in the photos and listen to what doctor has to say about a particularly good or bad result. Try to analyze all the information logically. Learn the ability of surgeon to pay attention to minute details of hair transplant procedure planning.  

We encourage you to analyze Prime Hair Studio and Dr Sulochana Khogare before deciding to undergo hair transplant procedure.